June 22, 2014

Innovation of VGTU scientists – facilitating oncological diseases‘ diagnosis

Scientists of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) created an electronic smart chip for medical purposes, in order to obtain three-dimensional images. This technology will facilitate the diagnosis of oncological diseases and will contribute to the creation of handheld ultrasound apparatus of new generation. This new Lithuanian chip has entered the list of ten best products of 2013, selected by “Euro practice”, the international association, uniting creators, researchers and manufacturers of micro and nano-electronics. Five hundred thirty eight products from forty one country participated at the contest. Our smart chip was among ten best products because of its innovation and relevancy to science and industry.

An electronic smart chip, otherwise known as an integrated circuit, is the smallest part of modern electronic system, the production of which is very expensive. “Minatech”, the company which produces ultrasonic transducers, financed the production of the chip, created by VGTU scientists, allotting one hundred and twenty four thousand Litas.

“The joined efforts of science and business people resulted in a new product, facilitating significantly the diagnosis of oncological diseases. The new ultrasound apparatus will have twice bigger resolution as compared with the old one. It means, that making different investigations, the cell formations with diameter of 0, 25 millimetres, corresponding to the thickness of three human hairs, will be observed. The new generation apparatus will fit in a doctor‘s pocket, so it is more convenient for usage,” – said Romualdas Navickas, the leader of scientists‘ group, professor of VGTU Electronics faculty.

The smart chip design team consisted of Vaidotas Barzdėnas, Assoc. Doctor, scientist from VGTU Computer Engineering Department, Karolis Kiela, PhD student and Marijan Jurgo, Postgraduate student. As stated by the innovators, this is the first largest integrated circuit of 27, 25 square millimetres, created during the last decade in Lithuania.

The integrated circuit for obtaining three-dimensional images, created by the university scientists, is undergoing further experiments in order to join it together with the already used latest technology – capacitive micro machined ultrasonic transducer. The new two chip system would allow to create innovative mobile ultrasound apparatus or sensors for detection of blood vessels, and also reducing the production price of the apparatus.

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