May 28, 2014

One out of ten comes to study medicine

Medical studies continue to be the most popular subject in Lithuania among foreign students. Every tenth new students last year (428 out of 4152) chose medicine in either Lithuanian University of Health Sciences or Vilnius University. Another few hundred studied Odontology, Pharmacy and Veterinary, proving how attractive biomedical sciences are in Lithuania.

The top ten list of most popular subjects among foreign students:

  1. Medicine (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Vilnius University, 428 students)
  2. Media and Visual Design (European Humanities University, 313 students)
  3. Media and Communication (European Humanities University, 348 students)
  4. International Business Administration (LCC International University, 191 studentas)
  5. International law (European Humanities University, 182 students)
  6. Historical and Cultural Heritage (European Humanities University, 144 students)
  7. Odontology (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Vilnius University, 143 students)
  8. Cultural heritae and tourism (European Humanities University, 123 students)
  9. Business management (Vilnius Gediminas Technilas University, International School of Law and Business, 121 students)
  10. The Interdisciplinary Master’s in East European Research and Studies (Vytautas Magnus University, 92 students).

We have degree students from 95 different coutries studying in Lithuania at the moment, but they are not equally spread among all universities of the country. For example Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is most popular among students from Spain (101), Israel (96) and Sweden (95), while European Humanities University, which has 5 programmes in the top 10 list above, has a majority of students from Belarus – more than all other universities in Lithuania combined.

Although the overall numbers of students in Lithuania have been decreasing every year, population of foreign students keeps rising – this year, 12% more students came to study in Lithuania (total after Autumn semestre is 4152). Another few thousand students come to study under various student Exchange programmes, such as Erasmus. According to studies, 94.2% of foreign students would recommend studying in Lithuania to their friends! This is why we have a special section for ambassadors. See if we have an ambassador from your country and ask directly, what it is like to live and study in Lithuania.