February 23, 2014

State of the art technologies for dentists

Changing time oblige to ensure not only a high level of theoretical training of students, but also access to the latest technology in the treatment of patients. Vilnius University students of dentistry programme will practise in a special simulation class equipped by the state of the art technologies. The University has invested more than € 85.000 into the renewal of training equipment.

New equipment allows a full analysis of a patient by using not only the dental, but also a panoramic X-ray device. All digitized images are obtained and related to the individual workplace. This diagnostic software allows reducing the X-ray radiation, which is very important to the student’s safety. The University staff believes that the new training equipment will expand the competencies of future professionals.

Vilnius University dentistry programme started in 1996. The programme was positively assessed by international experts and accredited for the maximum six years period in 2013. From 2014 September dentistry programme will be also taught in English.

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