February 17, 2014

VGTU students created distantly guided robot hand

Engineering students from Vilnius Gediminas technical University (VGTU) have recently presented a distantly guided robot hand. The hand can very precisely imitate movements of the handbreadth, and could be used to take or move different objects from difficult to reach or dangerous for health places.

The mechanical hand is guided using a special glove with modern technologies installed, i.e. students created supersensitive optical sensors, which transfer signals as electronic impulses to the robot hand via Bluetooth. Robot hand‘s mini motors receive these impulses and move the fingers of the hand. The bending of a finger is fixed through thirty eight positions.

Creators of this robotic device, Dalius Kazakevicius and Vytenis Kruminis from the Department of Computer Engineering of VGTU, explained their thought process – „We created the hand mainly for the laboratories with radio-active materials or light radiating devices. This hand may perform various tasks, while being controlled from behind a special partition wall and with a special glove“.

During the creation process one of them built a handbreadth sized robot hand, the other – a glove for management of the hand. Young engineers affirmed that knowledge of mathematics, programming and new technologies combined with creativity helped them to bring their idea to life – the robot‘s hand is simple to manage and easy to adapt to various situations. They are still improving the hand and plan to install more sensors in order to improve its dynamics and expand the functionality. For the first time this distantly guided robot hand was presented during the International knowledge and education exhibition „Studies 2014“.