December 16, 2013

Record-breaking year of admissions

1628 students from all around the world started their degree programmes in Lithuanian Universities and Colleges this academic year. All together there are 4284 international students studying in Lithuania – an increase of 12% from last year‘s 3798. This data was gathered by the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania, and represents those students who have enrolled in full time degree programmes, excluding students who came to Lithuania for a term or two during an exchange programs, like Erasmus, for example.

The most popular university among foreigners remains the European Humanities University, which, after being shut down in Belarus, has found a new home in Vilnius in 2004. This autumn EHU accepted 487 new students with a total of 1474. Second most popular university is University of Health Sciences in Kaunas, with 692 international students (149 joined this year), third – Kaunas University of Technology, with a total of 323 foreigners (189 first years). Just short out of top 3 are two universities from the capital city – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (319 in total, 254 accepted this year) and Vilnius University (260 in total, 121 first years).

Among international students, majority – 1655 – come from Belarus (and study in EHU). There are also Russians (263), Indians (224), Nigerians (198), Ukrainians (177), Azerbaijanis (162), Spanish (160), Israelis (132), Polish (127), Swedish (108) and representatives of many over countries around the globe. About a half of them study social, one fifth – humanitarian, and another fifth – biomedical sciences. 48% have enrolled in bachelor and 42% – master degree studies.

Education Exchanges Support Foundation, which administers project “Study in Lithuania” has made a survey of international students, which showed that up to 92% would recommend studying in Lithuania to their peers. So many students can’t be wrong! Have a closer look at this website and see why Lithuania is your top destination if you consider studying abroad.