December 5, 2013

Lithuanians – most educated nation in Europe!

Another reason why Lithuania is among top destinations for quality studies in Europe is that our population is amongst top educated in Europe. We were showed to be among the best educated nations in Europe once more by the European Commision’s Eurostat website, which compared all European countries against the same criteria. 93.3% of 25-64 year olds in Lithuania have upper secondary education (followed by 92.5% in Czech Republic, 91.7% in Slovakia and 89.8% in Estonia), while Malta (38.1%), Portugal (37.6%) and Turkey (30.9%) are forming the bottom of the table (original source here).

And it is not just about the numbers themselves, it is also about the quality of education and satisfaction with it, too. Our own poll showed that 92% of those who study in Lithuanian Universities would recommend studying in Lithuania to their friends back home. So if you are still considering, see if there are people from your country already in Lithuania – check out our ambassadors list here.

When you have a chance to study anywhere, anywhere at all, why don’t you chose a country which has a long standing and proven tradition of education? 😉