November 26, 2013

Vote for Study in Lithuania as example of effective communication!

Already awarded with European Digital Communciation Awards for the image film about higher education in Lithuania, project “Study in Lithuania”, administered by Education Exchanges Support Foundation, is nominated again. This time it is the “Europos Bures” (“European Sails”) award given to best projects in Lithuania funded by European Structural Funds. This award is given every year and “Study in Lithuania” is nominated in the most effective communication category.

During those four years that “Study in Lithuania” is evolving Lithuania has seen a steady year-to-year increase of foreign students in our Universities and Colleges. During the project a national portal for higher education was launched, the already acclaimed image film saw a viral spread online and many students who already study in Lithuania were encouraged to spread the word about opportunities for everyone in Lithuania. Survey showed that majority of those who study in Lithuania recommend studying here to their friends back home.

These awards are open to public to vote, and you can give your vote for “Study in Lithuania” here: http://www.delfi.lt/media/europosbures-2013/. Please take a minute to cast your vote and share link to this poll with your friends, it would mean a world!