November 21, 2013

Awards for Lithuanian Scientists

Lithuanian scientist, distinguished for progress in various fields of scientific research, were honoured with awards for their accomplishements in event hosted by the ministry of Education and Sciences earlier this week. The ceremony took place for the seventh time, and this year was meant to recognize the achievements of biomedical scientist Feliksas Bukauskas, NASA astrophysisist Jonas Zmuidzinas, scientist of linguistics Jolanda Gelumbeckaite and doctor of technological sciences Vida Maliene, who has been recently working in the United Kingdom.

These awards are given to Lithuanian scientist who are promoting Lithuanian name abroad and contributing to various scientific research.

These and other, less known scientist, are contributing to the image of Lithuania as a modern and progressive country keeping up with the trends of the most recent scientific discoveries. And most of them have studied or did research in the same universities listed on our website, so if you are considering studies abroad – study in Lithuania!