July 29, 2013

American and Šiauliai Academics Determined to Strengthen Collaborations

During International Week in  May,  an  official  delegation  from  the  University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) visited Šiauliai University to  participate  in  the  “Studies,  Science  and Culture  without  Borders”  conference,  to  acknowledge  and  celebrate  the  15-year  anniversary of  the  ‘sister  university’  collaboration  agreement  between  both  universities  –  together  with their Šiauliai colleagues, and to discuss future paths of collaboration.

The US Embassy cultural attaché in Lithuania – Martha C. Adams – believes that the partnership between Šiauliai University  and  the  University  of  Nebraska  at  Omaha  stands  out  as  the  best example  of  collaboration  between  U.S.  and  Lithuanian  institutions  of  higher  learning.

This was also noted by the leadership of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, who are very pleased that Šiauliai University is prepared to expand collaborations not only in culture,but in others fields of science and study.

Text and photos by Zenonas Ripinskis (translated by Gediminas Murauskas) from Šiauliai Univesity Newspaper