Multimedia Design

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Vilnius College of Technologies and Design
15 May Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
3 years Study duration full-time
3776€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Distinctive features of a study programme:
The study programme is implemented in modules, to be completed by planning of a real multimedia project and its implementation in teams. The execution of the programme is enforced by the newly established, provided with the necessary equipment and software specialized filming, sound recording, editing, animation studios, which can implement a realistic film, animation or interactive design project. Students have the opportunity to carry out actual projects in collaboration with the film, computer games and advertising production companies or to carry out the actual orders in multimedia design. Students’ works participate in national and international competitions. Every year the programme invites guest lecturers from abroad, who prepare interactive design and animation workshops for students.

Objective(s) of a study programme:
To develop creative and innovative professionals meeting the needs of a dynamic creative industries labour market and prepare a multimedia products developer being able to implement his/her own or others‘ creative multimedia project in practice working both individually and in a team.

Learning outcomes:
Knowledge and its application:
Will understand the history of media and aesthetic forms, will be able to analyse and evaluate them. Will be able to use foreign languages in professional activity. Will be able to apply techniques, technologies and safety standards in the media industry properly. Will be able to carry out research and apply its results.

Special skills:
Will be able to develop a concept of multimedia product, to plan and to organise multimedia project. Will be able to practically implement the idea for multimedia product with the use of all textual, visual and audio elements.

Social skills:
Will have entrepreneurship, market economics knowledge, understand professional ethics. Will be able to work in a team and present their own or team activity result.

General College Study Subjects:
Foreign Language, Contemporary Lithuanian, Environmental and Human Safety and alternatively optional subjects (Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy – selected one of them).

Subjects of the Study Field:
Culture and Art, Media Culture, Design Management, Applied Research, Basics of Programming, Artistic Expression, Basics of Digital Technologies, Fundamentals of Animation, Basics of Audiovisual Production, Fundamentals of Video Sounding, Advertising.

Options of students:
Specialisation – Interactive Design. These Subjects are Studied: Design Case Laboratory, Interaction modelling, Internet Applications, Games Design.
Specialisation – Animation. These Subjects are Studied: 2D Animation Technologies, 2D Animation, 3D Animation Technologies, 3D Animation.
Specialisation – Sound Design. These Subjects are Studied: Sound Creation Techniques, Sound Montage, Sound Directing.
Specialisation – Directing of Audio visual Editing. These Subjects are Studied: Audio visual Montage, Visual Languages of New Media, Montage Direction, Post-Production of Visual Work.

Special Study Subjects:
Optional subjects by choice of students (Motion Studio, Photography, Lighting, Creation of Interactive Prototypes, History of Modern Art, Rhetorical Communication, Animation History, Calligraphy, Esthetics – selected three of them).

Cognitive Practice, Creative Practice 1, Creative Practice 2, Professional Practice, Final Practice.

Completion of Studies:
Studies are completed by defending the Final work individually prepared by a student.

Programme structure


Admission Requirements

  1. TOEFL or IELTS certificate, if obtained by the applicant. On the initial application, a copy of such a document is sufficient. In the case of absence of a certificate proving language skills, the applicant shall take part in a live video interview in English with a member of the Acceptance Committee.
  2. Creative portfolio. The requirements of the portfolio are under the following link: https://en.vtdko.lt/images/Portfolio_Design_students.pdf

Autumn Intake Deadline


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