Graphic Design

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Vilnius College of Technologies and Design
15 May Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
3 years Study duration full-time
3776€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Distinctive features of a study programme:
The study programme focuses on a variety of graphic design activities: typography, illustration, information graphics, publishing, pre-printing processes, visual communication, corporate style,
package, font, advertising, Internet and computer game design. The study programme employs experienced graphic design professionals, winners of international competitions, guest lecturers –
famous Lithuanian artists and designers share their experience. In cooperation with social stakeholders, students get involved in implementation of projects, get acquainted with various aspects of production, perform professional internships in enterprises.

Access to professional activity or further study:
Having completed their studies graduates can work in various communication design companies, Lithuanian and foreign design and advertising agencies, publishing and press companies, media companies, information technology design firms, engage in individual project activities or continue their studies in other higher education institutions.

Objective(s) of a study programme:
To prepare graphic design specialist being able to design publications, packages, websites and corporate style, prepare projects for production and publishing, make individual decisions, work successfully in the competitive market conditions and develop in professional activity.

Learning outcomes:
Knowledge and its application:
Will understand the basic graphic design concepts and definitions, historical and modern development of design branches, will be able to apply knowledge in the practical artistic activity. Will be able to apply knowledge and skills in Design field and interdisciplinary studies, professional activity, creatively use means of visual expression, the latest technologies and equipment in practical implementation of ideas. Will know design management principles, will be able to apply them in the implementation of creative projects. Will be able to apply knowledge about health and safety requirements related to the specific design activity.

Special skills:
Will be able to develop ideas for design projects, to present proposals and make decisions both independently and in a team, in a professional and/or in interdisciplinary context. Will be able to plan, organise, assess and implement practical requirements for design projects in concrete professional activities. In the light of personal creative experience and of the results of other designers‘work, will be able to experiment while developing design projects. Will understand characteristics of graphic  design field and the ways it links to other art fields, will be able to apply knowledge of historical, ethical and conceptual contexts when developing design projects. Will be able to present creative ideas and (or) projects with the help of visual communication and digital information technologies on the national and international levels. Will be able to demonstrate theoretical knowledge and technological skills in practical activity. Will be able to apply means of artistic expression, of newly emerging media, innovative technologies, artistic innovations in projects of design practice. Will be able to comprise portfolio of creative work.

Social skills:
Will be able to communicate with colleagues, potential clients and the general public solving professional tasks within Design study field branch. Will understand designer-client, business, consumer, contributors and collaborators relations and will be able to apply this knowledge designing, implementing and presenting the art work or design project in public. Will be able to communicate in community and public in oral or written form in state and foreign language(s). Will be able to work in a team, take responsibility for the quality of their and their subordinates‘ activity in accordance with professional ethics and citizenship.

Activities of teaching and learning:
Lectures, consultations, practical tasks and course papers, individual work, practices of professional activities. Students accomplish practical tasks individually or in groups.

General College Study Subjects:
Foreign Language, Professional Lithuanian, Environmental and Human Safety and alternatively optional subjects (Sociology, Psychology, Professional Ethics – selected one of them).

Subjects and Modules of Study Area:
Drawing and Painting, Computer Aided Design 1, History of Culture, History of Design, Visual Communication, Fundamentals of Packaging, Fundamentals of WEB Design, Fundamentals of Photography, Applied Research, Creative Business, modules: Designing 1 (module subjects: Composition, Type, Colour Theory), Designing 2 (module subjects: Fundamentals of Design, Image Interpretation, Computer Aided Design 2), Designing 3 (module subjects: Typography, Pre-press Process Technologies 1) , Designing 4 (module subjects: Pre-press Process Technologies 2, Illustration, Creative Workshop), Designing 5 (module subjects: Corporate Identity, Visual Advertising, Design Management).

Options of students:
Specialisation – Internet Website Design. These Subjects are Studied: Basics of Multimedia, Internet Technology, Animation, Web Pages Design.
Specialisation – Publishing Design and Illustration. These Subjects are Studied: Poster, Editorial Design 1, Editorial Design 2, E-Publishing.
Specialisation – Packaging Design. These Subjects are studied: Packaging Design 1, Modelling, Packaging Materials and Technologies, Transportation Package, Packaging Design 2.

Special Study Subjects:
Law, optional subjects by choice of students (3D Software, Form and Tectonics, Painting Techniques, Cinema Language, Animation Design, Graphic Techniques, Furniture Designing, Drawing of
Surrounding, History of Modern Art, Creative Drawing, Calligraphy, Motion Studio, Esthetics – selected three of them).

Cognitive Practice, Practice of Visual Presentation, Pre-press Process Practice, Professional Practice, Final Practice.

Completion of Studies:
Studies are completed by defending the Final work individually prepared by a student.

Programme structure


Admission Requirements

  1. TOEFL or IELTS certificate, if obtained by the applicant. On the initial application, a copy of such a document is sufficient. In the case of absence of a certificate proving language skills, the applicant shall take part in a live video interview in English with a member of the Acceptance Committee.
  2. Creative portfolio. The requirements of the portfolio are under the following link: https://en.vtdko.lt/images/Portfolio_Design_students.pdf

Autumn Intake Deadline


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