English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign Language

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Mykolas Romeris University
1 Aug Application deadline
2 Sep Start date
3.5 years Study duration full-time
3426€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

How does language influence communication? What is my role in establishing a dialogue between people of different cultural backgrounds? What other languages can I learn to facilitate inter-European or inter-Asian contact 

If you find yourself grappling with any of these questions and wondering what to study to get them answered, language studies might be for you!

The program is aimed at preparing specialists of English and one more foreign language and communication for specific purposes (public administration, business and law). The scope of studies will cover languages of European communication (English and Norwegian/French/German) or languages of Euro-Asian communication (English and Korean).

The graduates will be able not only to communicate in two foreign languages, but also to participate actively in business communication (take part in business meetings, make oral presentations, draft official documents and letters, translate and edit business texts, etc.) and ensure smooth cooperation between state institutions and private companies in international arena.


Programme structure

The scope of studies will cover languages of European communication (English and Norwegian / French / German) or languages of Euro-Asian communication (English and Korean).


  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Introduction to Studies
  • Modern English 1 (Phonetics and Language in Use)
  • UK and USA Country Studies
  • Second Foreign Language 1 (French / German / Korean / Norwegian / Spanish)
  • Basic of Translation
  • Contrastive Lexicology and Lexicograohy
  • Modern English 2 (Language in Use)
  • Modern English 3 (Morphology and Syntax)
  • Second Foreign Language 2 (French / German / Korean / Norwegian / Spanish)


  • Basic of Literacy Analysis
  • Discourse Analysis
  • English for Specific Purposes and Communication 1 (Public Administration)
  • Translation Technologies
  • Second Foreign Language 3 (French / German / Korean / Norwegian / Spanish)
  • English for Specific Purposes and Communication 2 (Business)
  • Philosophy
  • Theory of Language for Specific Purposes
  • Word Literature
  • Second Foreign Language 4 (French / German / Korean / Norwegian / Spanish)


  • Academic Writing
  • Computational Terminology Research and Management
  • English for Specific Purposes and Communication 3 (Law)
  • English for Specific Purposes and Communication 4 (Finance)
  • Second Foreign Language 5 (French / German / Korean / Norwegian / Spanish)
  • Elective Study Subject 1
  • Elective Study Subject 2
  • Term Paper
  • Second Foreign Language 6 (French / German / Korean / Norwegian / Spanish)
  • Country Studies of France / Germany / Korea / Norway / Spain


  • Bachelor thesis
  • Professional practice

Admission Requirements

Required documents:

  • Secondary education diploma or equivalent including final grades
  • Document proving English language level

Required level – B1. Assessments of English language proficiency certificates equivalent to level B1:

  • TOEFL Paper 477-510
  • TOEFL IBT 53-64
  • IELTS 4.5-5.0
  • PTE level 3

If you do not have a certificate proving your English language proficiency level, you can take the University Online English language level test. You will be able to choose this option while filling in the application. The test is free of charge. Certificate is not required if your native language is English or if your previous studies were conducted fully in English language.

  • Motivational letter
  • Passport copy

Additional educational documents might be required depending on the country of residence.

Applicants might be required to take entrance examination.


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